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5 reasons why you need Student Professor?

STUDY EFFICIENTLY, STUDY LESS – Sometimes lecture notes tend to be too summarized, but only Robots can study textbooks for every topic of every course. At Student Professor we know exactly were to draw the line because we are students who quite recently won the battles you’re facing now!

LEARNING HOW TO LEARN & WHAT TO LEARN – Some students spend hours studying “what to learn” but still fail topics they’ve “studied”. Simply because they lack the “how to learn”. Textbooks, lectures, handouts etc: all teach you what to learn. At SP, we teach you how to learn & what to learn.

UNDERSTANDING THE EXAM STRUCTURE – It takes a little more than studying the exam material to pass. Each examiner in each course expects your knowledge to have been built upon a certain structure. Unlike other tutorial videos online: We teach topics according to the structure Szeged examiners expect

LEARN WHICH PARTS OF A TOPIC ARE KEY – It seems unfair when a teacher wants to fail you for not knowing a single detail about a topic. Our only question is: was it “a single detail” or “the single detail? more like the single most important detail! At SP, our topic explanations are guided by our experiences with these same teachers.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WE ARE HERE WITH YOU – Sometimes we’ve all got study questions that google can’t answer sufficiently. Try our WIC (WhatsApp Instant Classroom): were you can anonymously ask your questions & our tutor will answer ASAP. Plus: others in the group get to learn from your questions!

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Get video tutorials made according to the topic-list in each of the following topics.

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Comprehensive notes & convenient review of topics via our 3-8 minutes summary videos on each topic.



"What other students are saying"

I have used student professor website for pathophysiology final exam, I watched the videos of each topic, and I honestly think that they are clear, explained very well and have enough material needed for getting 4 or 5 in your exam. highly recommended!
Areej Kardosh
perfect for finalizing your topics or even start studying. everything you need for physiology topics. enough materials in notes + videos = pretty much enough of what you need. 5star feedback ✌🏻
Behnam Hasani
Best thing about SP is that they tell you what exactly you need to know according to topics and materials of each specific subject so no confusion about different sources and you can access to the exact content needed for each subject, so saving lot of time and learning what you should know!!👌🏻👌🏻
Masoud Rafiei
Extremely helpful and works very well,so easy to understand and use. Good luck 💕💕💕 5stars
Suvdaa Etsb