Student Professor is a company created in 2018 to change the redundant “Garbage in – garbage out” culture of studying, Education is not just about exams and grades, 

Student Professor is here to make you understand and appreciate the power of knowledge. We employ qualified, intelligent students who have recently excelled at the same courses you might be struggling with now. They understand the challenges of being in your shoes, the expectations of your teachers, and the best ways to learn each topic. This saves our subscribers study time, while learning more and enhancing their understanding! With a collection of multiple services such as: 

  • Comprehensive topic videos
  • Summary topic videos
  • Topic notes
  • Occasional in-person seminars
  • WhatsApp Instant Classroom
  • etc

Student Professor has already been able to achieve so much because of it’s very well balanced and synergistic structure, that comprises of the following:

Harrison A Etokhana

General Partner

Lutof Zreik

Limited Partner

The team

Dr. Cynthia Okereke
Executive Assistant
Barr. Tanacs Ferenc
Barr. Sharon Omonaya Etokhana
Ms. Molnar Orsolya
Dena Bitar
Head of Innovative Design
Jahid Hasan
IT & Website Design
Mr. Ahmad Totunji
Physiology Tutor
Ms. Patience Wobuoma
Chemistry Tutor
Mr. Paul Gedeon
Pathophysiology Tutor
Ms. Sarah Baum
Anatomy Tutor
Mr. Roop Dhanjal
Neuroanatomy Tutor
Shira Trager
Anatomy Tutor
Dr. Uwarobosa Ehiozuwa
Neuroanatomy Tutor
Dr. Kelvin Okwuosa
Pathophysiology Tutor