1. Solidify your knowledge. Put your high grades to work 🙂
  2. Earn up to Ft100.000/semester for many semesters to come
  3. Unlike YouTube and others; You start getting paid from your FIRST view!!!
  4. An Instructor profile page: Others can see your info & credentials: students, future employers etc.
  5. Cancel your contract whenever you want! To distribute your videos however you like


Considering joining us? would like to know more? Lets answer your questions!

We’ll host a 2-hours video shooting session where we’ll record you teaching any topic of your choice. We will assist you in every way possible. Don’t worry, you’ll choose & prepare for that topic before the date.

The exact number of topic videos a tutor has to shoot is mainly based on his/her availability: Somewhere between (min – max):
Total of 6 – 24 topics = 9 – 36 hours
Extending from 3 – 8 weeks
At 2 – 6 hours per week

We have an automated system where tutors choose time slots that work for them (starting time & duration), you can cancel and reschedule easily and automatically.
You will receive a text message reminder about your shoots’ date & time when it gets closer.
All we do is give you access to the system and a list of mutually agreed upon topics. The rest is very flexible.

For certain courses, we pay a complete compensation after all the videos have been made at Ft3000/hr – In this case we own all rights to the video.

In other courses we pay you:
1. A temporary rights compensation (TRC) after all videos have been made: giving us exclusive rights to your videos for 3 years. The TRC is at Ft1000/hr.
2. During those 3 years you will receive monthly payments for your videos based on the number of views and other bonuses (e.g quizzes, Q&A, etc)
3. After those 3 years you can either opt to renew your contract or cancel the partnership. If you choose to cancel: the videos will be sent to you at your request and you can publicly distribute them as you please.

Monthly views per video vary enormously from 10 – 500 views based on:
Tutor’s style and abilities.
Timing during the semester (beginning or exam period)
Course difficulty & Faculty dynamics

Each month, the total net profit of the platform is split 50/50: One half is shared among the tutors/instructors of the “pay per view” payment scheme according to the videos with the most views in that month and other added bonuses (e.g quizzes, Q&A, etc)

Of course! We will provide everything down to water and coffee. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll figure it out.

At the beginning of our partnership you will receive a TSR (Topic Strength Ranking): with this you will rank your strength in the topics we desire, so you will only be assigned topics based on your strengths and availability

The answer to this question is constantly changing, as we are constantly expanding. Please check the link below for the most recent update on this:


The answer to this question is constantly changing, as we are constantly expanding so please check the link below for the most recent update on this:


You will find out within the last 6-7 weeks of the current semester


  • Select one topic from the university exam topic list in any of the courses on our application form below
  • Create your SP audition video: 
    1. Make a 10-30 minutes (min-max) video explaining the selected topic in your selected language
      • Video setting must include: Your face, your clear voice, some form of inscriptive technique (whiteboard, notebook, powerpoint etc), sufficient lightening, topic title & name of applicant
    2. Upload the video to your Youtube account (as an unlisted video so it is not publicly accessible without link
  • Fill in the application form below