Premium Semester – 4 Students (€14.98/STUDENT)

0.00 / month and a 59.95 sign-up fee

  • ONLY €14.98 PER STUDENT!

  • Premium access from signup date till end of the present school semester**

  • Unlimited access to all comprehensive topic videos
  • Unlimited access to all Topic Summary videos
  • Unlimited access to all Topic notes.
  • HD video playback
  • Uninterrupted playback – No Ads
  • Exam tips and tricks

**School Semester key: >> Fall Semester: Sep – Jan >> Spring Semester: Feb – Jun


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Step 1: After successful purchase by "Student A"

Step 2: "Student A" will receive three invitation codes that can always be found on the website, via the top-bar menu: My Account > Subscription plan; as "Invites Codes"

Step 3: You give the invitation codes to "Student B, C, D"

Step 4: "Student B or C or D" registration via main menu: click "MEMBERSHIP > Premium Subscription > Invitation code membership premium